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stainless steel pronged crystal labret for nose lips and ear piercinggold color pronged gem crystal labret
Pronged Crystal Labret Sale priceDhs. 29.00
stainless steel plain hinged hoop gold colorsteel color plain hinged hoop earring
Plain Hinged Hoop Sale priceDhs. 49.00
stainless steel pronged gem threadless labret for nose, lips and ear piercing
Pronged Gem Threadless Labret Sale priceDhs. 29.00
ball ends horseshoe stainless steel jewelry for septum and ear piercingBall Ends Horseshoes
Ball Ends Horseshoes Sale priceFrom Dhs. 29.00
pronged gem silicon plastic labretPronged Gem Silicon Plastic Labret
flower back titanium threadless labret post gold colorsteel color flower back threadless labret post
stainless steel half sunflower barbell ear piercing jewelrygold color half sun flower barbell earring
Half Sunflower Barbell Sale priceDhs. 79.00
bezeled gem crystal labret stainless steel for ear piercingbezeled crystal labret sizes
Bezeled Crystal Gem Labret Sale priceDhs. 29.00
marquis leaf barbell stainless steel earringgold color marquis leaf barbell earring
Marquis Leaf Barbell Sale priceDhs. 59.00
ball top stainless steel labret for ear piercingball top labret size
Ball Top Labret Sale priceDhs. 29.00
2 way hoop and barbell piercing jewelry2 way hoop and barbell model
2 Way Hoop and Barbell Sale priceDhs. 69.00
marquiz cz labret ear piercing jewelry stainless steelsteel color marquis cz labret earring
Marquis CZ Labret Sale priceDhs. 39.00
dangling butterfly stainless steel barbell for ear piercing jewelrygold color dangling butterfly barbell
Dangling Butterfly Barbell Sale priceDhs. 69.00
bezeled gem titanium threadless top piercing jewelry gold colorsteel color threadless top bezeled gem titanium jewelry
Bezeled Gem Titanium Threadless Top Sale priceFrom Dhs. 49.00
daisy flower stainless steel labret for lips and ear piercing gold colordaisy flower labret model
Daisy Flower Labret Sale priceDhs. 59.00
stainless steel plain seamless hoopplain seamless hoop sizes
Plain Seamless Hoop Sale priceDhs. 29.00
Sold outannalise seamless hoop type earrings jewelry
Annalise Seamless Hoop Sale priceDhs. 59.00
steel color internally threaded titanium labret postgold color internally threaded titanium labret post
paved heart barbell stainless steel ear piercing jewelrysteel color paved heart barbell
Paved Heart Barbell Sale priceDhs. 59.00
Pronged Square Gem Labretstainless steel pronged square gem labret gold color
Pronged Square Gem Labret Sale priceDhs. 39.00
curved studded line stainless steel labret for ear piercing jewelry gold colorcurved studded line earring labret model
Curved Studded Line Labret Sale priceDhs. 79.00
chained double cz pave clicker stainless steel jewelrygold color chained double cz pave clicker
Chained Double CZ Pave Clicker Sale priceDhs. 89.00
stainless steel crystal ends horseshoe for septum and ear piercingcrystal ends horseshoe jewelry stainless steel
Crystal Ends Horseshoes Sale priceDhs. 49.00
silicon plastic labret
heart coil silicon plastic labret for ear piercing gold heart coil silicon plastic labret earring
titanium plain hinged hoop gold colortitanium plain hinged hoop model
Titanium Plain Hinged Hoop Sale priceDhs. 99.00
pronged gem titanium threadless top gold colorsteel color pronged gem titanium threadless top
Pronged Gem Titanium Threadless Top Sale priceFrom Dhs. 49.00
stainless steel triple marquis labret gold colortriple marquis labret model
Triple Marquis Labret Sale priceDhs. 79.00
stainless steel trinity cz labret gold colortrinity cz labret size
Trinity CZ Labret Sale priceDhs. 59.00
flower cluster stainless steel labret earring gold colorflower cluster labret earring model
Flower Cluster Labret Sale priceDhs. 119.00
5 marquiz cz labret earringsteel color 5 clear marquiz gem cz labret
5 Marquis CZ Labret Sale priceDhs. 79.00
titanium externally threaded labret post
Silicon Plastic Retainer
Silicon Plastic Retainer Sale priceDhs. 10.00
elise titanium threadless top gold color earringsteel color elise titanium threadless top
Elise Titanium Threadless Top Sale priceDhs. 139.00
outfacing paved stainless steel hoop for ear piercinggold color outfacing paved stainless steel hoop
14k gold triple marquis gem threadless topwhite gold 14k triple marquis gem threadless top
14k gold trinity gem threadless labret earringwhite gold 14k trinity gem threadless labret
Sold out14k gold outfacing paved hinged hoop jewelrypaved hinged hoop model
14k Gold Outfacing Paved Hinged Hoop Sale priceFrom Dhs. 399.00
hoops in chain stainless steel earringssteel color hoops in chains earring
Hoop in Chains Sale priceDhs. 79.00
semi paved seamless hoop stainless steelgold color semi paved seamless hoop
Semi Paved Seamless Hoop Sale priceDhs. 49.00