Recovery Sterile Saline Spray 7.4oz

Dhs. 120


The Recovery Aftercare Purified Saline Spray helps the healing process of new piercings by removing any discharge, dirt and debris. Cleaning new piercings is important in order for them to heal properly and it can also be used for old piercings that become irritated. It has a soothing, cool feeling on the skin. This aftercare saline wash comes in a 7.4 ounce spray can and is suitable for both external and internal use. If you are someone that has a piercing in a tough to reach spot then you will love this aftercare saline spray. The 360 degree dispenser means it can be operated at any angle with ease. The ingredients on this piercing cleaner include purified water and 0.7% Sodium Chloride. There are no CFCs, drugs, preservatives or additives in this all natural formula. The contents in this aftercare spray are sealed airtight for safety.

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